Sugar, Friend or Foe?

Sweet treat or disaster in disguise?

Candy, cakes, and sweets of every kind are available everywhere. What do these all have in common aside from being delicious? They’re PACKED with tons of added sugar. Sugar in its most simple form, glucose, is your body’s primary source of energy for every cell. Your brain demands the most energy out of any organ or tissue in the body. If your brain doesn’t get enough glucose to meet demand, chemical messengers are not produced and communication between neurons in the brain are essentially cut off. Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia has been linked to poor attention and loss of cognitive function. The brain may be dependent on sugar as its main fuel, but too much of this energy source can be a bad thing.

Your brain works on a reward pathway by beginning to give you hints of hunger. To satisfy these cravings, dopamine is rapidly released triggering a craving for those sweet treats we all know and love. Before you know it, you’re shoveling candy into your face which works on that reward pathway producing feelings of pleasure and happiness. Sugar from fruits and vegetables are much better for your body to use for energy compared to sugar in the form of candy and sweets. Trying to moderate your intake of added processed sugar will pay dividends to how you feel and the quality of your function both physically and mentally. Upper limits of sugar recommended by the American Heart Association fall between 6 and 9 teaspoons per day.

Routine chiropractic manipulation can fill in the gaps where your brain may be lagging from too much “bad” sugar or not enough “good” sugar. Restricted joints in the spine, specifically the neck, can impair normal function of the brain and make you feel sluggish. When paired with over consumption of processed foods and added sugar, the result is lagging performance across the board.

Good2Go Chiropractic offers region specific adjustments that can help get you back on track for the busy holiday season and in the right state of mind.

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