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What You Can Do To Reduce Shoulder Pain in Palm Harbor FL

Do you get a sharp pain in your shoulder when doing simple tasks such as turning the steering wheel or getting yourself dressed? This is more common than many of us think. It is also much easier to address than a lot of people seem to think. Many times, the muscles that stabilize our shoulder joint are weak or simply just not functioning properly. They need to be awakened and utilized in the way they were intended to be. Our chiropractor in Palm Harbor FL will set you on the right path.

The rotator cuff of the shoulder is responsible for keeping the ball of the upper arm bone (humerus) glued to the socket (glenoid) of our scapula or shoulder blade. This makes up our glenohumeral joint.

Four muscles encompass the rotator cuff and each functions to create one big blanket that fits snug around your shoulder. While they each have their own specific duty, they work best in unison. Two of the four muscles of your rotator cuff that are often neglected are your infraspinatus and teres minor. These are responsible for externally rotating your arm which helps to maintain posture and take the stress off your neck and midback. There’s no need for other muscles to pick up the slack and double up on their duties if they don’t need to.

Performing the banded external rotation exercise with a light resistance band can do wonders for your rotator cuff health. Keeping your shoulder blades in a down and back position will put the shoulder in the optimal position for this exercise. This position is often not achieved while performing the external rotation exercise and can lead to more pain. It is vital to think about how your upper arm is moving instead of just simply rotating the arm without much thought. Make sure your wrist and arm stay straight so that your rotator cuff can do the work and not your forearm or wrist. Focus on not letting the shoulder blade move. You will notice the range of motion is limited when you keep the shoulder blade still, but this is how it should be. You won’t get very much rotation, but you will feel a great burn in the back of the shoulder.


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