Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis syndrome can be a real pain in the butt. If you’re having aching pain in the glutes and feeling that pain radiate down the thigh or even into the calf, your piriformis muscle could be the issue. The sciatic nerve runs underneath the piriformis muscle, and when that muscle is tense and in spasm can cause irritation to that nerve. This will result in the numbness and tingling sensation you may feel down the leg. Be sure to consult with a licensed healthcare practitioner to find out if you have piriformis syndrome. Other causes of numbness and tingling down my leg may be the result of spinal disc, lumbar nerve root, hip joint, or other structure in the area.

If the piriformis muscle is tight and causing pain here are some stretches and activities you can do to help alleviate the pain and associated tingling and numbness down the leg . Try these exercises out and let me know how they work in the comments below.

Exercises for Neck Pain at Your Desk

We are spending more and more time at our computers for work. With the increase of video calls and meetings, I am seeing more and more patients present with neck pain while working at their desk. This video by your Palm Harbor Chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Goodman goes over exercises you can be doing to help ease the discomfort caused by working at your desk.

COVID-19 Breathing Techniques

Do you know someone that has been affected by COVID-19 and is having difficulty breathing? Or perhaps you know someone who has difficulty breathing due to COPD. This video will change their life and improve their ability to breathe.

Unfortunately, many of us become chest breathers and forget how to use our diaphragm properly. When using the diaphragm to breathe, we are improving the lungs ability to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. The technique shown here reteaches the body how to breathe which in turn will making breathing easier and more efficient.

It will be difficult at first, but keep trying and soon you will get it!

“The Egyptian Giant” Get His Spine Crushed

At Good2Go Chiropractic in Palm Harbor, we work with a variety athletes. Here Dr. Ryan Goodman, Palm Harbor Chiropractor is adjusting Powerlifting Champion, Mina Ebeed aka “The Egyptian Giant”. We are preparing him for the next couple USA Powerlifting Events coming up this year, 2019. He’s putting in the hard work and dedication necessary to compete at the elite level.

Big or small, we got your back, with the next level in chiropractic at Good2Go Chiropractic in Palm Harbor, FL. Check us out at good2gochiro.com or give us a call at (727) 722-7700 to take your health to the next level!

Let’s Take Cupping to the Next Level

Cupping or Myofascial decompression has been around since the early 19th century. More recently, those red circles you see on professional athletes have generated lots of attention. RockPods by Rocktape are more versatile than most other cups used for decompressing soft tissue, adding in a dynamic component to deliver superior patient outcomes. We implement the traditional use of cupping with an added element of tissue gliding by way of traction,
sheering, or twisting motions to treat pain and soft tissue dysfunction.

These RockPods are used in conjunction with movements that
provoke pain or discomfort in order to stimulate a nervous
system response and facilitate more efficient movement of soft
tissue structures. Provoking pain addresses neurogenic
inflammation and neuropathic pain which ultimately drives physiological change within the body. Come see why we always bring the next level in health to all our patients, from your trusted chiropractor in Palm Harbor, Dr. Ryan Goodman.

AMAZING!!! | The Best Exercise to Eliminate Back Pain

Stop What You Are Doing Right NOW, and WATCH THIS!!!

Eliminate back pain with this simple, effective exercise that will eliminate any back pain you may have. All you need are some bands, kettle bells, expert knowledge, a mat, grey laminate floors, and a blue wall.

APRIL FOOLS!!! Don’t do this at all or listen to anything I’m saying. Just having some fun!

From your Palm Harbor Chiropractor Dr. Ryan Goodman

Let’s hear some CRACKS

Your chiropractor in Palm Harbor adjusting a patient. We customize our care to each person. With advanced training in manual, hands on adjusting techniques Dr. Ryan Goodman can treat in any number of ways. Check this out and tell us what you think.

Chiropractor Palm Harbor

A lot of youth athletes come in with shin splints. There are a lot of things to be considered. This includes better mechanics, core and glute strengthening, and even ankle mobility.

Athletes may be in pain, but still have to perform. One of the ways we help our athletes is using kinesiology tape, and specifically RockTape.

This type of tape is widely seen throughout the sports world, because it is amazing! This type of tape helps reduce muscle fatigue and promotes faster recovery.

#1 Chiropractic Clinic in Palm Harbor

Welcome to Good2Go Chiropractic! If you’re looking to take your life back to live the quality of life you deserve, we are here for you. Dr. Ryan Goodman Chiropractor in Palm Harbor FL brings the latest and most advanced techniques in chiropractic today.

We practice on an evidence based model, which means no craziness or long term care pitches. We focus on helping you get your life back.

Low Back Pain Treatment

At Good 2 Go Chiropractic in Palm Harbor we use the latest in chiropractic advancements to treat low back pain. One of those ways is using a technique called Flexion Distraction. What makes this such a great treatment is the advancement of the Cox 8 Table.

This particular technique is good for any one with sudden low back pain, chronic low back pain, back pain from an auto accident, or anyone that does not like to get “cracked” (though we do that too!).

Chiropractor in Palm Harbor – Get Stronger Hips!

Are you dealing with constantly tight hips? Have you tried to stretch and stretch, but still not getting the results you want? Well, maybe your hips are not tight due to a flexibility issue.

Often we confuse tightness with a lack of flexibility. However, sometimes the muscles are deconditioned. If you are sitting at a desk all day and have tight muscles, try strengthening your hips instead of stretching. The psoas muscle in particular does not get enough activation throughout the day and becomes deconditioned. As a result you get tightness and pain.

Try these exercises out by your Palm Harbor chiropractor Dr. Ryan Goodman

Exercises for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (tingling in the fingers)

Chiropractor in Palm Harbor Dr. Ryan P. Goodman demonstrates 3 exercises for T.O.S.

Pain radiating down the arms into the fingers can be scary and be the result of any number of conditions. One of those conditions is called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (T.O.S.). This can happen when nerves or blood vessels get trapped. Often times, neck and shoulder pain and stiffness will be experienced as well. In fact it is these structures that often compress these structures resulting in the numbness and tingling. A possible cervical rib could also be a result.

To know if you have T.O.S. it is essential to see a doctor that understands and knows how to treat the condition. If you have radiculopathy and need some answers contact (727) 722-7700 to find out the cause, so we can help you find the proper solution.

3 Core Exercises for Back Pain

Palm Harbor Chiropractor Dr. Ryan P. Goodman breaks down 3 core exercises you need to be doing for low back pain. When people think of “the core”, they usually think of the abdominal section. But the core consists of over 30 muscles from the front of the thighs all the way around to the glutes.

Incorporating these 3 exercises will give you a stronger core and better support for your low back. Give these a try and if you have low back pain be sure to call us at (727) 722-7700 or visit us at good2gochiro.com