Elbow Pain Got You Down?

Dealing with elbow pain in Palm Harbor and it just doesn’t go away? Read below to find out if you have the dreaded…Tennis Elbow!

Have you battled with elbow pain that prevents you from completing tasks such as chopping vegetables in the kitchen or taking laundry out of the dryer? This pain many times radiates from the outside of the elbow, otherwise known as lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow. This happens at the attachment site for the muscles of the top of your forearm or your extensor muscle group. These muscles help to extend and stabilize the wrist during forceful extension. These muscles even assist in stabilizing your elbow. The extensor muscle group plays a pivotal role in how your lower arm functions, but are many times inflamed due to general overuse and weakness.

This pain is contributed less to inflammation and more to the tissue’s load capacity. The muscles are simply not prepared to handle the demand. The key to this issue like many similar to this is load management. It is important to minimize aggravating activities and gradually improve the tissue’s tolerance to the stress placed on it. Tolerance is improved through resistance training and the proper rehab protocol.

At Good2Go chiropractic, our staff is trained to provide the appropriate modalities and treatment plan, so we can get you back to optimal pain-free status. Call our office at (727) 722-7700 and schedule a complimentary consultation with the doctor and tackle this pain from an evidence-based standpoint.

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