Easier Tips for Healthy Hips | Hip Pain in Palm Harbor, FL

The hip is an incredible joint because not only does it rotate on its own axis (internal and external rotation), but it also opens and closes (abduction and adduction). It is a tri-planar joint which means it moves in THREE different planes of motion. The problem is, we dominate in the sagittal plane, with our legs moving forward and back like the motion performed when we walk or run. Most of the population spends five out of seven days or more sitting behind a desk, so our hips don’t get a lot of time to open or ABDUCT. This can result in low back pain, groin tightness, and generally stiff hips. It is crucial to the health of your hips and pelvis to challenge your range of motion in every plane.

These issues can prevent us from doing the things we love to do. When you spend hours at a time every day sitting in a shortened position, most of the time a seated position, muscles that should be ON are turned OFF. Your gluteus medius is the muscle on the side of your buttocks that is responsible for abducting and stabilizing the hip both at the pelvis and femur or thigh bone. When this muscle isn’t performing to the best of it’s ability, things like IT band syndrome, gluteal tendinopathy, and even ACL injuries can ‘butt’ into the conversation.

Improving your active hip mobility can also relieve a lot of tension in the lumber spine caused by sitting behind that desk of yours all day. The word active means your own muscular effort and strength used to create a position. This is important for not only get us into certain stretches and remaining flexible, but to also controlling our joints throughout various ranges of motion. If you or anyone you know are experiencing hip tightness or low back pain, there is a good chance you could use some work with our rehabilitation and exercise specialist. We at Good2Go Chiropractic in Palm Harbor are devoted to evidence-based programs catered to your individual presentation that can directly relieve your pain and get you to an optimal functional status. Give us a call at (727) 722-7700 to schedule an appointment today and remember, we do accept most insurances!

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