Are You Experiencing Neck Pain?

There are numerous muscles involved in controlling and stabilizing the neck during movement. Two of the more important ones lie in front of the neck, they are referred to as your longus muscles. These small muscles are often forgotten during evaluation or treatment because they lie deep behind a larger muscle called the sternocleidomastoid. Your longus colli and longus capitus muscles are important because they attach closely to the bones in your neck, otherwise known as your cervical vertebrae. They contract just prior to movement to provide segmental control of the neck.

Research has shown that pain can alter the way these muscles contract and function and can predispose you to continued episodes of pain. Typical with episodes of pain are a complex and sometimes unclear relationship between the activity of these muscles and the pain itself. When implementing exercises that focus on strengthening these muscles, individuals often cite reduced episodes of pain and discomfort. Specific neuromuscular re-education and corrective exercise has been proven to create the necessary stimulus needed to eliminate negative adaptation made by the body that occur secondary to pain and/or injury.

If you feel as though your neck pain, stiffness, tightness, or discomfort is preventing you from completing your everyday tasks, we have a solution for that. Corrective exercise and neuromuscular re-education is an evidence-based approach to care that will not only relieve your pain and discomfort, but will teach you how to move efficiently and ensure you do not revisit that negative state of well-being again.

If you are dealing with chronic neck pain in Palm Harbor and looking for a solution, call (727) 722-7700 to schedule your consultation and see how what we can do for you.

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