The Importance of Mobility

When looking to increase our range of motion, there are 3 primary means of doing so: passive, active, and weighted/resisted. Passive movements feel like a nice “stretch” and are going to provide short term improvement, but do not offer as many benefits as the other two modes in terms of increasing range of motion. Active and weighted movements help to engage your nervous system and allow your body to “fire on all cylinders”. The ability to control these movements through different planes of resistance will increase your body’s sense of self-awareness while also working to become stronger. These can be performed across a wide spectrum of different motions for the specific body part you are lacking adequate range of motion in.

One area people are typically lacking mobility is around the hips and pelvis. The hip specifically works through 3 planes of motion (tri-planar), those being the sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes (see image below). The sagittal plane splits your body in two equal right and left sides, as if someone cut from the top of your head straight down through your groin. The frontal plane also splits your body into two halves, but instead into a front and back half of your body. The transverse plane splits the body right through the middle from left to right, creating a top half and a bottom half. Performing exercises through each of these planes of motion is critical when it comes to mobilizing the hips in order to create a symmetrical and mobile environment for any kind of movement. Healthy hips are critical to efficient and pain free movement. Immobility at the hips, or any joint for that matter, can directly contribute to low back pain, poor posture, neck stiffness, and the list goes on.

If you feel like you have tight hips, low back, or neck, Active Release Techniques may just be for you. Commonly known as A.R.T., this technique works with muscles, tendons, and ligaments that have been chronically injured or recently injured due to trauma. Considered the “Gold Standard” of soft tissue techniques, A.R.T. focus on addressing areas of tissue restrictions causing limited mobility. If you are looking for an Active Release Techniques practitioner in Palm Harbor or Pinellas county, Dr. Ryan Goodman is not only full body certified in this technique; but is also an instructor teaching other health care professionals around the world on the amazing benefits of A.R.T. Call (727) 722-7700 for your consultation to see if A.R.T. can benefit you!

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