Is Your Desk Killing You?

The dangers and perils of a desk job

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Do you have a desk job that forces you to sit for extended periods of time with minimal breaks or none at all? These jobs are common among many individuals in today’s world and you are likely one of them. Sedentary lifestyles guided by prolonged bouts of sitting or inactivity have been linked to cardiovascular disease, obesity, and you guessed it; back pain. Whether it’s chronic low back pain or that nagging knot in your mid-back that won’t go away, the amount of sitting you accumulate in a day that compounds over the following weeks and months is a large reason your back is aching. The number one thing you will hear from personal trainers, doctors, and therapists is “just stretch your hip flexors”, but there’s much more to “just stretching”. Stretching without strengthening any newfound range of motion is like typing a lengthy document that took you all day to edit without hitting the save button.

Like we’ve discussed in our previous post about stretching and the importance of knowing when to stretch and why we do it; the tension and flexibility of your muscles is ultimately controlled by your brain. Simply put, applying a static stretch will only lead to a temporary increase in flexibility or range without control. It is important to strengthen your newfound range through functional range conditioning. Functional range conditioning is a more effective alternative to your more traditional modes of static stretching. Two key principles are involved in this type of conditioning: (1) Irradiation, a concept that involves activating larger muscles which will simultaneously activate smaller and neighboring muscles resulting in a stronger contraction, and (2) Progressive Angular Isometric Loading, which combines stretching and static loading at increasing joint angles with the goal of expanding your range of motion while also adapting your muscle tissue to these new ranges. In a nutshell, we’re finding your limit to a stretch, applying a squeeze or isometric contraction, overriding your nervous system’s input, and acquiring control of this new range.

This is a staple here at Good2Go Chiropractic where we take time to work with each individual to personalize their care and made sure they are not only getting out of pain but also staying out of pain. Functional rehabilitation is key to our treatment plans and in conjunction with chiropractic manipulation can help you get back to feeling like you did before pain started controlling your life.

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